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Storage Units in Alabama

Whether you are moving to a new location and need temporary storage or are downsizing your home, it is important to choose the best AL storage location to meet your needs.

Storage is a popular option given by many moving companies, and it will allow you to rent a small space for extra belongings that you want to hold or keep while you are transitioning to a new home. To begin with, it is highly important to get organized. Start by clearly marking all of your boxes to make sure that they are in order in case you need to find anything specifically. From there, plan out the layout of how you will store your items on paper or in your head. It is important to put boxes that you will use less often to the back of the unit, and also to place more important boxes toward the front if you need to access them.

After that, consider the weight of all of the boxes. Of course, you don’t want to put a heavy box of books on top of a fragile box of wine glasses, so make sure to add again reorganize all of your belongings so that nothing will break in the storage process. It is also necessary to plan how you will stack specific items, like furniture, since they may be awkwardly shaped and difficult to store.

Many movers can give you advice on these services, so if you are working with a reputable Alabama moving company, ask for their perspective on the layout of your unit. Furthermore, discuss in detail with the company that you are working with what size storage unit will be best for you. The company will be able to recommend the depth and size necessary for all of the boxes that you have, but be prepared and know exactly what you need to store before planning on renting a unit.

After that, make sure that you have all of the supplies necessary in sturdy boxes. You should not store items in plastic bags because they can become damaged easily, and it will also leave your storage unit looking messy and unorganized. If you will be packing and storing other items, like clothing, then make sure to get a tall box that has a built in rod. This is something that is going to keep all of your clothes protected, and it will also make them easier to store. If you are placing large appliances within the storage unit, then make sure that they are cared for properly to prevent any damage to them! Any refrigerators that are stored should be completely defrosted to avoid mildew, and washing machines should be drained with the hoses tied down before they are stored completely. As a last step, wipe down the insides of any appliances that you may have used with baking soda to prevent bacteria and damage to the components.

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